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About Scott Wolf

Scott Wolf is a partner at the Miller Hull Partnership, an award-winning architectural design firm located in Seattle, specializing in public works buildings that actively engage their communities. Scott is a sustainable design leader and has been responsible for many of the firm's most complex and highest profile projects, including the firm’s two AIA National Honor Award winners: Olympic College Shelton and the Point Roberts Border Station. His most recent project, on target for LEED Platinum certification, is LOTT Clean Water Alliance’s new Regional Services Center in Olympia, Washington. Scott is passionate about the role water plays in the built environment, and recently served as chair of the American Institute of Architects Seattle Water Forum, which brought together architects and engineers with regulatory agencies and other industry professionals to discuss the challenges of sustainable water, wastewater and stormwater systems. He has lectured about water-related issues to various design-related audiences across the country. Scott has served on the board of Water 1st International since 2010 and recently had the opportunity to visit Ethiopia and experience first-hand the amazing work of the organization. Scott is a graduate of North Carolina State University and earned his Masters of Architecture from the University of Oregon.

Success/Damage Ratio – part 2

First of all a bit of a confession.  I’m kind of a numbers geek.  I do Sudoku and KenKen puzzles to unwind.  I balance my checkbook to the penny.  Every month.  Pie charts are a favorite way of analyzing information … Continue reading

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…………(name that band.  and don’t use google.) Part of the urban experience in Hong Kong is being constantly bombarded by the visual stimulation created by shopowners and companies hawking their wares.  There is apparantly no regulation on … Continue reading

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The Public Realm

One of the things that struck me most about Hong Kong is just how active and vibrant the public realm was.  Everywhere you went, there were people out and about.  Meals were eaten in open air cafes, business was conducted … Continue reading

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The Umbrella Man

In the vibrant streets of the Soho district, there is one shop, at the top of a fairly steep alley, that you get to by winding your way down another side street.  That shop belongs to The Umbrella Man.  The Umbrella Man … Continue reading

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My Tourist Experience

Everybody told me that when I went to Hong Kong, I had to go up to The Peak.  Now, I’m usually pretty tourist attraction averse, but with some free time on Sunday afternoon, I dedcided that I’d give it a go.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Dinner Conversations

After 3 days of intense immersion into and around Hong Kong, our group gathered in the hotel lobby to head out in search of some dinner & nightlife.  Following the usual group dynamic of trying to make a decision on … Continue reading

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3/15 – Hang Time

In American football, hang time is a term that refers to how long a punt is in the air after it is kicked. Generally speaking, the greater the hang time, the greater the opportunity for successful coverage by the kicking … Continue reading

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