simple signs

The Hong Kong subway system does many things right. One of them is signage.

At every station, there is a neighborhood map that shows all the exits on the street grid, with a letter name for each exit: A, B, C…..G.

Within the subway station, there are illuminated signs that show the way to each exit: A, B, C…

This is so much more intuitive than listing the cross street along with “north-west corner” or just showing exits as most subway systems do. If you’re like me, you’ve had at least a few occasions where you’ve tried to meet someone at a subway station and gotten the location confused. You’ve also probably exited more than once on the wrong side of where you’re trying to get to.

The lettered exits were easy, intuitive, more amenable to learning, and best of all cost nothing more than regular signage.

I love those kinds of solutions. This qualifies as “delighting the customer”.


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One Response to simple signs

  1. Rachel says:

    Agree! Every time I’m in a new city and leave the subway, I have to think about which direction the subway was headed and which way I’m going from the subway to then compute where I need to go, which cause me to stay underground longer than I’d like! Love these thoughtful signs and love that you noticed!

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