Night Retail

Over the past few days, we have enjoyed pondering the question “Would I like to live in Hong Kong?”.  Although the public transit is superbly fantastic, the green hillsides are beautiful, and there are is the potential for daily helpings of dumplings, I have been on the “probably not” side of the living-in-Hong-Kong-fence.  That all might have changed tonight however, for one reason- Good Luck Foot Massage.

The Runstad Fellows ladies decided to treat ourselves at one of the many many many foot reflexology joints in town.  After a delicious dinner in Wan Chai, we made our way to Kowloon Park and, after exploring a few alleyways looking for just the right place, came upon Good Luck Foot Massage.  It was good luck indeed.  I could gush about the best shoulder massage (phenomenal) or the great price (less than $20) . . . but this is a blog about real estate, so I’ll try to keep focused on the built environment and not my now-well-taken-care-of feet.

What I found so delightful about this experience was that this little shop, a few blocks down from the main street off of a small alleyway, was full of people at 9pm.  Not only is the population here large enough to support hundreds of this same type of shop all across town, but there is enough demand to keep most small retail shops open well into night time hours throughout the city.  These late night retail hours enhance the feeling of livability, and make for a vibrant and exciting stroll through the city, under the neon lights and past the unending sea of small street-front retail spaces.  And, just as importantly, means that you can get a foot massage after dinner any night of the week!

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