Links/Leads for Hong Kong Itinerary

As we discussed at the last meeting, it would be great to keep a list of our ideas, readings and resources here on the blog as we prepare for our trip. Here are some of the leads I mentioned last week, plus a few new ones:

The Centre for Quality of Life
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

According to the website, the Center has an interdisciplinary faculty from fields including architecture, public policy, geography and psychology. The group publishes an annual Quality of Life Index, described below:

The Hong Kong Quality of Life Index is a composite index. It consists of 21 indicators that are grouped into three subgroups, viz. Social, Economic and Environmental sub-indexes.Among the 21 indicators, six are compiled by the Faculty of Social Science, based on data collected by surveys conducted by the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of the University.These indicators are stress index, general life satisfaction index, press freedom index, press criticism index, government performance index and index of current economic conditions. All other indices are obtained from the government and related institutions.

Center for Asian Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CATBUH)

The establishment of the Centre, in the Department of Civil Engineering at The University of Hong Kong, is a response to the rapid rate of growth throughout Asia which reflects population pressures and economic development. This growth has led to land use policies and patterns of development which accommodate increasing numbers of tall buildings for residential, commercial and other uses.

The Centre will actively address the concerns which result from rapid growth by providing for and supporting studies, research and teaching, conferences and seminars, information collection and exchange, and the establishment of working groups and consultancies.  The intention is to adopt a broadly multi-disciplinary approach towards the wide ranging technological, social economic, environmental and cultural issues involved.  Areas of interest include building design and construction, urban infrastructure, transportation, land use and the environment, all in the context of the wider goal of sustainable development.  The Centre will draw on this knowledge and expertise, and will serve all those involved in the creation and management of the urban habitat including architects, engineers, planners, surveyors, social scientists and environmentalists.


Can He Stop the Sprawl that’s Eating Hong Kong’s Harbor? From The Christian Science Monitor, 2008

Hong Kong Night Light Pollution Under the Spotlight, Reuters, 2008

SoHo, NoHo. Sound Familiar? The New York Times, Oct. 2010

Art Wars: Hong Kong vs. Singapore, The Wall Street Journal, Oct. 2009

Hong Kong 1, New York 0, Metropolis Magazine, March 2006

Boomtown Blues, Metropolis Magazine, Dec. 2008

The Culture of Compactness: Dimensions of Density in Hong Kong, CTBUH Journal, an official periodic publication of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, 2011.


West Kowloon Cultural District (Wikipedia)

Hong Kong Harbourfront Commission

Slow Food Hong Kong

Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department

BEAM: Building Environmental Assessment Method

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