Study Trip Destination- Final Vote!

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2 Responses to Study Trip Destination- Final Vote!

  1. Mark Huppert says:

    On HSBC’s Corporate Sustainability site, there are a few succinct statements of the business case for emerging economies leapfrogging the wealthiest nations in the areas of clean technology. As the primary door for western business to China, Hong Kong seems like an excellent destination for doing research on the case for sustainability in the world’s fastest growing economies. It may open our eyes of how to evaluate our nation’s stagnating growth and our dependence on unsustainable leverage to increase yields.

    • jlevitt says:

      Thanks, Mark. How should we move forward to reach consensus on a specific location? I’d invite anyone else who feels strongly in favor of a location for study to offer a list of strengths/ideas and also potential barriers/challenges the way we did for the first vote, and then maybe we can have a second ballot. I will do some searching for sample itineraries and studies that could help generate ideas for trip setup. It would be great to dive into a location while we’ve got some steam and start identifying places to visit and people to meet with.

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