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While catching up on getting through the mountain of magazines I have piling up in my office, I came across this article in the latest CoreNet Global magazine.  The basis of the article is a rating system used in the U.K. to create an incentive for occupants to continue maintaining their sustainability focus throughout their day-to-day operations.  With there being plenty of office supply in many areas of the U.S., providing a ranking system for build-outs may help enhance a company’s level of public perception and continuous focus on the triple bottom line.

I also came across this website in doing some research for Professor DeLisle.  I’m not sure if this is a widely known resource but what caught my eye was an article referring to the re-emergence of the streetcar in many areas.  It’s interesting that almost 100 years later, the technology which started the push toward suburbanization and “sprawl”, is now seeing a comeback as municipalities push to provide easier, cleaner and most definite transportation closer to the city center.  Streetcars provide a more sustainable option over buses since they can produce less pollution, less noise, and foster economic development due to the fixed nature of the rail lines.

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