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A colleague of mine at Heartland, Chris, recommended the following two websites to me when I told him about our research.

The first site is on a steady state economy.  It explains a steady site economy as being a stable economy (after a period of growth or decline) that does not exceed its ecological limits.  The idea of a steady state economy (or a sustainable economy?) seems great, but how is this accomplished when we are continually pushing for growth so we can push up our GDP?  I’d like to do some more research on the theories behind a steady state economy as it fits in to our research.

The second site, The Oil Drum, is focused more on how energy and technology relate to our economy and environment.   The site is bursting with interesting articles, which I seem unable to summarize here in any concise manner.  But I wanted to document this site as a future resource for us as we dive into our research.


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One Response to Website Resources

  1. Julia says:

    Thanks, Katlin, these are both great. You might be interested in Kaid Benfield’s blog too, if you don’t already read it. He published an article recently about a foundation called the Healing Cities Working Group that I think you (and others) might like. It’s got a lot of embedded resources within it for more study on the topic of complete, compact communities that heal their residents. Click here to read it.

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